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Exhibitions and Galleries

Where Passion for Art, Sport and Nature Converge

Art Exhibitions
FAS instituted an “Art-on-Loan” program to gain exposure and to make artwork available for public viewing. Rotating collections have been placed on exhibit in public spaces within secure areas. These have included solo and group exhibitions in commercial office buildings, restaurants, medical centers and banks.  Over the years, my artwork has been displayed and sold through a number of art galleries. Now it is available exclusively through FAS. 

Online Galleries
There is a representative sampling of my artwork within the “photo gallery” and painting “studio” on the homepage at Only a small sampling of copyright-protected artwork is online in thumbnail form for your viewing and personal enjoyment. Please enjoy the rotating galleries. Different collections will be featured every few months. 

Procurement & Licensing
Not all of the images depicted online are available for purchase, only a select few. Many reside within private collections.For more information about purchases or a license to use digital images of my drawings, paintings, photographs and graphic designs, click here and submit a written request inquiring about available images, prices and lead-time. 

Copyright Notice
The copyrights to artistic content on this website images at and other social media channels used by this artist, and to all still and moving images marketed by Fine Art Studio LLC remain the exclusive property of the artist and photographer, Anne Wall. These rights are nontransferable and non-assignable. Images cannot be altered, manipulated, reproduced, used, assigned or uploaded without express written permission from the copyright owner. Reprints and licenses are subject to approval and negotiation. The purchase or license to use an original work of art or reproduction does not constitute a transfer or an assignment of the artist’s copyrights.

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