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Explore New Horizons. Find Your True Direction.

Anne at the HelmExplore new horizons at the helm of your true destiny. Only you can navigate your own life’s journey according to your own “true north.” Always remember that some will follow and be influenced by your actions and that you always need a support crew. No one sails the long voyage through life alone.

Sailing aboard TaraWhether crossing unforeseen challenges or delightful surprises it is better to navigate with a sense of purpose that gives depth and meaning to life, making it easier to rally teammates and hold your course toward your destiny. Navigate and live with purpose in the present moment. The future will arrive in its own time. The challenge is to anticipate and successfully navigate circumstances beyond your control and to grow and be enriched by keeping the wind and current at your back rather than opposing the forces of nature.

Do not be driven off course by unanticipated circumstances and others’ expectations. Stay true to yourself and your character will distinguish you as captain of your ship. Show strength through perseverance and resilience. A hot temperament may sink your ship or cause the crew to mutiny. Be mindful and act with integrity. Shine from within, guided by your values.

Coastal LighthouseLive an authentic life. Remain agile and adjust your sails and tiller whenever a course correction is necessary. Do not be afraid to change course, move outside your comfort zone and push the boundaries of imagination. Move beyond perceived limitations of the mind. It takes courage and tenacity to motivate and energize your crew. Always keep in mind that your every decision affects the emotional and spiritual well-being of the entire crew, including yourself.

The wake behind you affects the world, socially, spiritually, economically and environmentally.

Learn to live in harmony with the world, preserve the environment, nurture nature and the legacy you leave behind will lead others to true north.

Savor quiet moments and enjoy the calm before the storm filled with energy seeking release. Harness this energy with your sails as you tack windward toward your destiny.

Discover your own true north.


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