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Dreams with Purpose Part 1 – Dreamers & Achievers

Dreamers and achievers have one thing in common – both have a vision. Dreams provide us with visions that can fuel our aspirations. Dreams alone won’t get us far. The ability to achieve dreams with purpose requires mental fortitude and resilience. Achievers turn dreams into reality. The will to succeed takes great inner strength.

I have learned that many individuals are capable of far more than what they achieve. The raw talent may exist. Talent alone does not make a champion. Talent, skill and agility can be developed over time. Sheer determination comes from within. But lack of motivation, resources and other excuses prevent some dreams from ever becoming realized.

In “Dreams with Purpose” you will learn my perspective of what it takes to become a champion on and off the field. This is the first in a series of articles about how people achieve dreams with purpose. Together we will explore gold medal performances in the sports arena, successful game changers and winning performances in business. Many of the same traits that enable people to succeed in sports also create a foundation for success in other areas of life.

From Dreamers to Achievers

High achievers turn dreams into action. They set goals, attain them and then excel to achieve more. Achievers learn to overcome difficulties and turn challenges into opportunities. I respect those with high standards who overcome perceived limitations to embark on a personal plan toward success. However, I do not admire winning at all costs. For those who want to succeed, I would encourage you to maintain values and a sense of purpose in pursuit of a winning performance.

Success with Shared Purpose

Rarely do people achieve success alone. Individuals benefit from giving and receiving support. A sense of purpose can be a powerful motivator. Shared purpose creates a synergistic bond. Synergy inspires and enables individuals to achieve more. Driven for a cause, champions achieve what others can only imagine. Whether the cause is to support your team, represent your country, prove something or advocate for others; shared purpose can be compelling. Drive and energy propel while a sense of purpose compels from within. Become a champion for a cause. It will give added meaning to your life.

During my career, I championed the causes of the Olympic and Paralympic movements. My involvement with the Olympic and Paralympic Games was a dream come true. These games meant more to me than world-class competitions. For me, they were about people from around the world uniting in peaceful celebration to inspire others through sports competition, art and culture. For more than a decade, while participating in summer and winter games in various capacities, I had the opportunity to observe true champions across many different sports and cultures. They were all high achievers. But the true champions in my mind had something more. They exhibited a strong sense of purpose.

Pursue Passions with Purpose

We are often limited more by fear and imagination than by reality. Push beyond perceived barriers. Take a chance at succeeding. If you do it for reasons other than self-gratification and if you believe you can succeed; you stand a good chance of accomplishing your goals.

Find the strength to pursue your passions and realize your dreams. Sometimes it helps to identify a cause worth fighting for. This may give you an extra edge in order to persevere when things get tough. It can be more gratifying to win while advocating for something greater than one’s self.

Remain open and aware of opportunities to achieve personal growth and success, and to become a champion for others.

Overcome Adversity and Build Resilience

It’s a bit easier to overcome adversity and build resilience when you pursue goals with purpose. We all face difficult challenges. These uncomfortable experiences can become learning opportunities for personal growth.

Don’t let others define your boundaries or derail your dreams. Draw people close who believe in you and share your dreams. Set your sights high and reach deep within. Try not to become discouraged on this journey. Follow the path that best fits your aspirations and is aligned with your personal beliefs. Pay it forward and navigate a course of action that can benefit others. Learn to think and to act like a true champion.

Realize Your Dreams

You may be capable of more than you realize. To accomplish your dreams, you must first become aware of your own abilities and inner strengths. Then strive to maximize these gifts by fully utilizing your talents. This requires honing the body, mind and spirit.

Stay on course and enjoy the journey! It will bring added meaning and purpose into your life and the lives of those you endeavor to support.

How can you achieve dreams with purpose? Join the conversation and share your experience to benefit others. Watch for my next article, “Dreams with Purpose: My Story.”


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