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Chance Encounter

During a recent visit to Sedona Arizona, while hiking at Airport Mesa near an energy vortex, I had a chance encounter. A gentleman, along with his partner and faithful dog, taught me an important lesson. It was a simple life lesson that I’d like to share with you because it made my journey to this magical place memorable.

As we watched the setting sun from the top of a butte on the mesa, Danny Kean described how years ago this vortex changed the direction he was traveling. The mystical nature of the vortex experience in this spot high above Sedona had its way with him – a positive way. Danny told me, “Playing, creating my own music, sharing what I have to offer the world at no cost, the travel, relationships; all is for the joy of it. [This] came about after a decision to pursue my wildest of dreams.”

Once he realized that he could play for the joy of it, he mounted a piano to the back of a bright red pickup truck and began “feeling his way through life and music.” It became a new way of life for Danny and his piano dog, “Mo.” They travel the roads together. Outdoors, Mo sits on top of the piano, while Danny plays improvisational music. Danny’s mission in life is “fun, friendship and respect with musical empowerment and inspiration and no cost and without commercial, organizational or political affiliation.” He uses synchronicity and spontaneity to create music for people.

After sharing his story, Danny asked if he could play for me. Drawn by the sound of music across the night air, people gathered around the piano. Energy and emotion poured forth, as his hands danced across the keyboard in the twilight. Music came through Danny’s heart and soul as a stream of consciousness that he readily admits he could never repeat.

Danny gives freely of his talent, enjoying himself while inspiring others, sharing his music with people like me along the way. That night Danny improvised on his piano truck in the setting sun and fresh air, to the delight of those around him. It was quite a spectacle in the small parking lot at the base of the Airport Mesa overlook. It’s a picture I will remember fondly.

As the sunset on Sedona while Danny performed, we watched the shadows cloak the rocky cliffs and warm rays dance in the afterglow. Music poured forth as we both absorbed the spiritual energy of the earth’s vortex. Then at his insistence, I took my first piano lesson from the back of his pickup truck. He said he has taught over 35,000 people this way over the last six years, all one-on-one. And once again, I experienced the magic of Sedona.

I had felt Sedona’s magical forces for the first time in November 2011. Possibly it was through spiritual energy of the earth’s vortices, as the natives and new age crowd believe. No matter what the origin of these forces, I was moved by the splendor of nature and the wonderful people. The insights I gained about myself led me to begin a new journey. It was a journey that I followed into cyberspace. I began to explore the social media landscape and I developed a blog designed to educate and entertain at www.navigatewithpurpose.com. After years of protecting my privacy, I began to open myself to new experiences in the world of social media. Networking through various platforms, I reunited with former acquaintances around the world and began building new relationships.

I have no doubt that the forces of nature inspired me again on this trip to Sedona. As Danny encouraged me to play his piano, I learned what he meant by “play” and how important playing around is to creativity. As an artist and writer, I consider myself to be a creative person. I rarely give myself permission to just play with paint and words solely for the joy of it. I learned from Danny that playing has purpose. It serves as a vessel through which our passions flow into all kinds of creative outlets. Therein lies the lesson. Go out and play!

Play until your heart’s content and share your life with others as Danny does. Enjoy each moment in the world around you. Let people and nature energize you and bring forth a creative spirit from within.


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