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Artist Statement

Anne Wall 
Artist Statement

Anne_image artist statement 72dpiCreative expression, emotion and thought are channeled in works of art, and endeavor to capture the outdoor spirit of sports, in my paintings and photography.

My artistic style is a blend of representational and impressionist techniques, a synthesis of analytical thought and creativity in studies of light, movement and color. Each piece captures a memory of what touched my heart and stimulated my senses.

I enjoy pursuing a variety of athletic and artistic endeavors and my work reflects the glory of nature both at  home and in the larger world. I often depict athletes engaged in my favorite sports.

Epic Experience_72dpiPaddle Partners_72dpiMy best work comes from an experiential state of self-discovery and enlightenment similar to what athletes experience while in “the zone,” a meditative state of intense concentration and calm in harmony with my surroundings.

Sports activities serve as research and photography is used as reference. Sketches and finished drawings act as value studies. Monochromatic underpaintings establish the underlying values and composition, giving shape, volume and structure to form. When viewed through subsequent layers, these underpaintings help harmonize color. Not all paintings begin this way. When painting plein air I tend to paint wet-on-wet on a toned canvas to capture the rapidly changing light and shadows. Occasionally, I will paint with pastels on sanded board

North Woods NordicThrough Fine Art Studio, I inspire others with my passion for outdoor sports, love of nature and adventure travel.

 Founded in 1996, Fine Art Studio is designed to exhibit, lend and market my art and photography, which have been displayed in galleries, commercial office buildings, banks, medical centers and other public spaces. Examples of my artwork can be viewed in my signature gallery online at
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